The Amalgam Collection at 1:18 scale

World leaders in the creation of precisely detailed large scale models for F1 teams and sponsors. Amalgam supplies the leading luxury and sports car manufacturers, builds bespoke models for owners of the real cars, and creates small editions for collectors of fine models worldwide. In motorsport and the high end car manufacturing industry Amalgam Collection models are commissioned by CEO’s, team principals, designers and drivers.

Amalgam’s work is a powerful combination of art and technology using CAD data and digital scanning alongside timeless sculpting and very refined finishing skills to create models indistinguishable from the real cars in photographs.

Utilising their full and detailed data, their deep knowledge and experience, along with their close and important relationships with the creators, designers and owners of iconic cars past and present. Amalgam are now creating beautifully presented collections of models at 1:18 scale made to the same exacting standards that have made their large scale models famous.

Amalgam’s passion is for precision and their mission is to immortalise the most important and iconic car designs, current and historic.