Tyrrel 001 -  1-8

Tyrrell 001

1:8 scale

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Tyrrell 001 (1970)

A fine 1:8 large-scale scale collector’s model of the Tyrrell 001.

This model has been hand-crafted utilising our own CAD data created by scanning the original car in every detail. The resulting prototype has undergone strict scrutiny by the owner to ensure complete accuracy.


3600 Development time (hours)
400 Model build time (hours)
620 Model length (mm)
Tyrrell 001 (1970)
This hand-made model has taken approximately 3600 hours to develop.

Technical Details

Moving parts

This model does not feature moving parts, but contain fully-detailed exterior and interior finishing including engine details.


Polyurethane prototyping resin

Original manufacturer’s specified paints

Stainless steel

Natural leather

Metal (pewter) components


Tyrrell Blue with manufacturer approved race decals

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