Ferrari 250 GTO - 3387GT

Ferrari 250 GTO - 3387GT


A very special collection of Limited Edition models of each of the Ferrari 250 GTO Series 1 cars at 1:8 produced limited to just 5 pieces in each specification. Please enquire for remaining availability.

In March 1962 3387GT was test driven in Monza, and in the same month delivered to Chinetti Motors and entered in the 12h Sebring race, Phil Hill and Olivier Gendebien finished 2nd OA and 1st IC, the GTO was sold to Bob Grossman.

Grossman and George Roberts jr. finished 6th OA and 3rd IC in the 24h Le Mans race. Grossman raced the Bridgehampton Double 400 (2nd OA, 1st IC), Watkins Glen GT race (7th OA, 3rd IC), 5 Lap Tourist Trophy (4th OA, 4th IC), 25 Lap Tourist Trophy (4th OA, 4th IC), 17 Lap Governor’s Trophy (dnf), Nassau Trophy (6th OA, 2nd IC), 12h Sebring (18th OA, 6th IC) Charlie Hayes and Douglas Thiem joined Grossman in Sebring.

Geraldi & Mike Gammino became the new owners in May 1963 and Mike raced the 250 GTO until November 1965.

This model has been hand-crafted utilising our own CAD data created by scanning an original car in every detail. The resulting prototype has undergone strict scrutiny by Ferrari to ensure complete accuracy.


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