Ferrari 250 LM - 1965 Le Mans 2nd Place - Race Damaged


This model of the No. 26 Ferrari 250 LM, which finished as second at the 1965 24 hours of Le Mans, was a one-off model built exclusively for a special client. Although this model will not be built again, we can recreate other moments from motor racing history through our 1:8 scale bespoke models.

This exact car finished as the runner up at Le Mans in 1965, driven by French privateer Pierre Dumay and Belgian Gustave 'Taf' Gosselin. A surprise leader at the halfway mark ahead of the better financed North American Racing Team Ferrari 250 LM, the No. 26 car was still ahead at 8am before a tyre blowout at high speed on the Mulsanne Straight did severe damage to the rear bodywork. Dumay managed to bring the car back to the pits but vital time was lost repairing the damage. Despite this, Dumay/Gosselin brought the car home in second place, five laps behind the NART Ferrari and three laps ahead of their closest competitor in a Ferrari 275 GTB.

This model is of the No. 26 Ferrari 250 LM as it crossed the finish line to take second place overall. It is a truly spectacular example of what our master model makers are capable of creating.

This model of the Ferrari 250 LM is limited to only one unique edition.