Porsche 917K Gulf #2 1st Daytona 1970

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The Porsche 917 is arguably the most iconic sports racing car of all time. Renowned for its insane speeds and power outputs, the 917 is also the poster child of Steve McQueen’s legendary 1971 film, Le Mans. The 917K variant was born out of problems when testing the basic 917 in 1969 with the John Wyer Automotive Engineering Team, who went on to become the official Porsche team, and also the official development partner. At high speed, drivers reported the car as highly unstable, particularly on long straights, due to the long tail of the 917 ‘lifting’. Therefore the 917 was shortened to become the ‘Kurzheck’ or short tail – the 917K.

The 917K become the standard configuration for all races except Le Mans due to phenomenal success at its first race at the 24 Hours of Daytona in January/February 1970. Driven to victory by Pedro Rodríguez, Leo Kinnunen and Brian Redman, it broke the distance record by 190 miles in its quintessential Gulf livery. This is a model of the Daytona-winning 917K in 1970.

This fine 1:8 scale model of the Porsche 917 has been handcrafted and finished in our workshops with the co-operation and assistance of Porsche regarding original finishes, materials, archive imagery and drawings. The use of supremely accurate digital scanning of the original car has allowed us to perfectly recreate every detail at scale. Furthermore, it has undergone detailed scrutiny by both engineering and design teams to ensure complete accuracy of representation.

Every Amalgam 1:8 scale model is supplied in a luxury black presentation box and mounted on a carbon fibre or leather base protected by a clear acrylic dust cover.  The model title, original branding and edition number are displayed on polished stainless steel plaques mounted at the front end of the base.



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