R&T Club Collection

R&T Club Collection

The six cars featured in the Road & Track collection by Amalgam were selected by the editors of Road & Track Magazine. They’re cars that redefined brands, moved the performance needle in their time, and have since become legends. More simply, they’re cars Road & Track loves. One of the world’s longest running automotive publications, Road & Track has had significant interactions with every one of the cars on this list. A booklet with the magazine’s coverage comes standard with each model. Reach back in time and read contemporary impressions of vehicles that would change the face of the automotive landscape forever.
Amalgam Collection Chevrolet Corvette Sculptures - Full Collection

Esculturas Chevrolet Corvette

Escultura en miniatura hecha a mano de 11 cms / 4 pulgadas de largoOcho esculturas diferentes, que expresan la evolución del diseño de CorvetteDisponible individualmente o como colección completaPeso aproximadamente 75 gramosUn producto oficial autorizado...


Ferrari 288 GTO En construccion

Ferrari 288 GTO 1:18 SCALE

Announced by Enzo Ferrari in September 1983, and unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1984, the GTO sparked off a wave of enthusiasm. The legendary moniker (named after the 250 GTO of the...


Ferrari 512 BB LM (1979) Daytona En construccion

Ferrari 512 BB LM (1979) Daytona 1:8 SCALE

Esta maqueta a escala se ha confeccionado a mano y se ultimado en nuestros talleres con la cooperación y asistencia del fabricante en lo que a acabados, materiales, documentación gráfica y diseños originales se refiere....


Jaguar E-type Coupe

Jaguar E-type Coupe 1:18 SCALE

The Jaguar E-Type, one of the most iconic sports cars of all time, is known first and foremost for its beauty. Enzo Ferrari was quoted as calling it “the most beautiful car ever made” and...