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Amalgam 1:18 Collection gathers pace

Our aim is make models at either scale that are indistinguishable from a real car in photographs. Clearly a lesser number of hours and a smaller number of parts are required to make a 1:18 model, but the target is exactly the same for both scales.

Over the last 20 years Amalgam Collection have become firmly established as makers of the best model cars in the world. That achievement has been driven by two important factors: the very demanding partners we have worked with, principally Ferrari; and the fact that making models at large scale has constantly stretched us and taken our skills and artistry to new levels of excellence. 

Porsche 911R Monza 1967 - M5915

Porsche 911R Monza (1967) at 1:18 scale

Our complete commitment to the highest quality, making no compromises, always being the best, taking just as long as we need to achieve perfection, always using the finest materials and very best suppliers; all that comes at a high price, a price our customers for 1:8 scale models are willing to pay for perfection at a large scale.

However, many more people would love to own an Amalgam model and we made the decision two years ago to work with our manufacturer and team partners to develop growing collections of 1:18 models that draw on our experience and deep skills making at the bigger scale, to deliver models of superb quality and unique presentation at the smaller scale.

Given our uniquely close partnerships with the world’s premier manufacturers and F1 teams, we will also increasingly be including insider photographic, archive and design material with each of the 1:18 models.

1:18 scale box

M5990 - McLaren MP4-4 1-18

McLaren MP4-4 at 1:18 scale

Porsche 911 RSR Brumos - Daytona 1973 - M5913

Porsche 911 RSR Brumos - Daytona 1973 at 1:18 scale