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The iconic Mk1a Spitfire

Amalgam Collection has created a perfect ‘bare metal’ model of the Mk1a Spitfire

The iconic Spitfire needs little introduction. In the hands of ‘the few’ predominantly very young pilots this most famous and loved British fighter plane of WW2 turned the tide of the war in the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940. Produced in a huge number of variants over its service lifetime, we chose to create a faithful reproduction of the Mk1a flown by the 19 year old Geoffrey Wellum of 92 Squadron in September 1940 and took the decision to present the model in its ‘bare metal’ finish, to highlight every detail of the intricate engineering inherent in this most beautiful of aircraft.

Undoubtedly the most accurate and intensely detailed model of a Spitfire ever produced, we created this model using extremely precise digital scan data gathered from aircraft in the Royal Air Force, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, based at Coningsby in Lincolnshire. Every detail of the aircraft has been reproduced including the thousands of rivets deployed in the Spitfire’s construction. The cockpit is finely detailed and the engine cover can be removed revealing the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. The Amalgam Mk1a Spitfire replica has been created at a scale of 1:16 giving it a wingspan of just over 70 centimetres.

For more information on the model, please contact: enquiries@amalgam.com