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Amalgam's Globetrotting in Support of Ferrari

Amalgam's events team have been working flat out over past couple of weeks, globetrotting in support of Ferrari celebrations in Europe and Asia.

We were thrilled to be represented by Amalgam’s official agent for Japan Kiyotaka Tamamushi-san at a three day driving event last weekend to celebrate the Ferrari Owners' Club Japan's 5th Anniversary. It was no surprise that the event had a great turnout with over three hundred members of the FOCJ attending. Amalgam models were displayed in prominent places, bringing the spirit of Ferrari into the hotel hosting the event.

Then, over the last weekend the events team were busy in Milan as the Italian Grand Prix arrived at Monza. Amalgam models were displayed on the balcony of Ferrari's flagship store in Milan and were also provided for the first ever Universo Ferrari event in Maranello, complementing the real cars across the Museo Ferrari and at the Circuito di Fiorano. There was an outstanding atmosphere all weekend as the Tifosi had much to celebrate, with Charles Leclerc capping the 90th Anniversary Celebrations with a GP victory.

The work continues for our dedicated team, who will be at Goodwood Revival this weekend adorning Ralph Lauren’s exclusive hospitality experience with Amalgam’s finest models from Ralph’s personal collection.