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20 Years of The Ferrari Enzo

Two decades ago today, Ferrari unveiled the truly memorable Enzo at the 2002 Paris Motor Show. Named directly after the Italian marque’s legendary founder, the Enzo Ferrari, or to give it its unofficial but more common name – the Ferrari Enzo, joined the very limited ranks of supercars built by Ferrari using the pinnacle of the company’s Formula 1 technological achievements. 2002 was the heart of the F1 team’s legendary ‘Golden Era’, and was a time of maturing engine technologies;  the Enzo represents the breed of naturally aspirated, mechanical hypercars built before the era of electrical engine technologies had fully emerged.

Ferrari Enzo at 1.8 scale

Never before had a Ferrari’s styling been so heavily influenced by function. Work in the wind tunnel, on the track and on the road focused unswervingly on achieving the maximum possible performance and resulted in an utterly uncompromising car. The Enzo’s front section was inspired both in terms of its form and function by the Formula 1 car’s nose cone, while its composite flanks were sculpted to channel air flows for superb internal fluid-dynamics. The tail section didn’t have a big rear wing either, as the engineers opted for much more subtle aerodynamic aids and a highly efficient ground effect instead. Pininfarina, led by Head of Design Ken Okuyama, did a majestic job of drawing these and other functions together, moulding an incredibly charismatic line from them.

Ferrari Enzo 1:8 scale

The Enzo debuted in Paris with a limited production run of 399 vehicles and a price tag of $659,330. In classic Ferrari style, invitations were addressed to current customers, specifically those who had already purchased the F40 and F50, and all 399 cars were sold before production even began. In 2004, a 400th production car was built and donated to the Vatican for charity, which was later sold at a Sotheby's auction for $1.1 million. In 2021, an Enzo became the most valuable car ever sold in an online auction at $2.64 million, before another Enzo with a Grigio Titanio exterior and Rosso interior sold for $3.75 million last December.

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Ferrari Enzo 1:8 scale

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