Based in Best, just northwest of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Remco de Reus is a Dutch automotive art designer. Amalgam Collection started a close collaboration with Remco in 2019 to design and create beautiful miniature sculptures that capture iconic car designs.

Suffering hearing loss from an early age, Remco developed a special passion for car design and the visual arts. He studied 3D-modelling using CAD software at high school, before graduating from HTS Autotechniek with a B.Eng in Automotive Technology and Mechanical Engineering. Whilst working as a mechanical designer for an independent engineering consultant, Remco began designing automotive sculptures at home for his own enjoyment, exploring and developing his sculpture design skills.

Encouraged and supported by friends and family who recognised his talents, Remco started his own company in automotive design services in 2018. Within a year, his elegant sculpture designs caught the attention of Amalgam’s founder Sandy Copeman. A stream of emails followed their initial contact, and a friendship quickly developed around a shared passion for car design and sculpture. Sandy recognised the opportunity to bring Remco’s creations to a wider audience, and a collaboration was initiated resulting in Amalgam’s first sculpture series, the Chevrolet Corvette Collection.

That was quickly followed by a collaboration with the F1 Group who manage Formula One. Amalgam was invited to create a miniature sculpture of the F1 Concept 2022 that represents the visual impact of the new 2022 regulations on the design of F1 cars. Remco took the CAD design from the F1 Group and refined it into a perfectly formed miniature sculpture that captures the salient points of the design in a beautiful piece of desk art.

A Formula E Generation 2 miniature sculpture is coming soon, followed by further collections in the pipeline, including classic Jaguar icons, and a series representing the most iconic cars from each decade of the history of Grand Prix racing. A Porsche series is in discussion, and hopefully in due course a collection of iconic Ferrari classics.

Remco’s Design Process

Remco, in his own words: The process involves three stages: research and preparation, determining the design style, and then finally the detailed creation of the design in SolidWorks.

The preparation phase is crucial to the success of the piece. During this phase I collect as much reference material as possible: blueprints, 3D-models and photos. Nowadays it is possible to do extensive research from my desk thanks to the internet.

The next step is to is to think through and develop a style and a detailed plan to shape the sculpture. I will apply different styles ranging from detailed to abstract depending on the nature of the project. I have a strong preference for a minimalist and abstract style, balanced with the preservation of the key design elements so that the finished sculpture captures the essence of the original.

When the specific style has been defined in my mind, then the detailed design work begins. I use SolidWorks CAD software, first creating separate surfaces that will ultimately be merged into one, resulting in a fully integrated sculpture design.

The Sculptures

Amalgam Collection Chevrolet Corvette C3 & Formula 1 Concept 2022 Sculptures

Each sculpture is hand-cast in stone filled resin, hand finished, primed and plated in aluminium, followed by lacquering and polishing. The piece is presented in beautiful luxury packaging with a pocket holding a booklet and certificate.

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The Future of the Amalgam Miniature Sculpture Project

Amongst luxury and classic car owners and model collectors, Amalgam Collection are renowned and respected as makers of the world’s finest big scale car models for Ferrari and the cream of the high-end European car brands. Now we have entered new territory with the creation of beautifully worked miniature car sculptures designed by artist Remco de Reus. We are looking to create collections that capture the essence of the most extreme and outstanding bodywork designs from the 1920s through to the present day. Driven by the evolution of fashion and technology there are many, many outstanding works of art to capture. Some collections will represent the styles of individual designers or design houses like Zagato or Pininfarina, others will be related to a powerful brand style like Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin.