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Amalgam reveals the Ferrari 296 GTB at 1:8 Scale

Marking a new era at Ferrari

We are thrilled to reveal to you our most recent development at 1:8 scale, the very beautiful Ferrari 296 GTB. Marking a striking transformation in the thinking in Maranello, the 296 GTB introduces a new V6 engine coupled with rear-wheel drive plug-in hybrid architecture, a first in a Ferrari road car. With design DNA reminiscent of the 250 LM, the car redefines exhilarating driving, delivering an exciting experience both on the track and in everyday driving on the road.

Our prototype model for the 296 GTB was fully approved by the Ferrari design office following an intense dive into every detail. The first models are already being shipped to be displayed in Ferrari's offices and dealerships across Central Europe. 

Complete with opening doors allowing close examination of the interior of the cabin, our next small batch of these models are now available to order. Owners, please contact our sales team to order a bespoke, tailor-made build representing every detail of your car.

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Ferrari 296 GTB at 1:8 Scale

This is the first Ferrari road car to possess a rear-wheel drive hybrid system, and the electric motor, communicating with the internal combustion engine via a new TMA actuator, boosts the maximum power to a category-topping 830cv, increasing the car’s usability in everyday driving and driving fun, thanks to the instant throttle response. Electric driving in eDrive mode enables the car to reach a speed of 135 km/h without the aid of the internal combustion engine.

Ferrari 296 GTB at 1:8 scale

The design of the 296 GTB redefines the identity of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined berlinetta, giving the car a compact, modern and original line, with muscular mudguards, a visor roof, flying buttresses, a brand-new vertical rear screen and a truncated tail that incorporates enclosed lights and an integrated spoiler. Its 50mm shortened wheelbase and monolithic appearance make it the most compact berlinetta from Maranello in the last decade.

Ferrari 296 GTB at 1:8 scale

A 1:12 scale model is currently in development, with bespoke models exclusively available from Ferrari. Approval for the smaller 1:12 scale is anticipated early this year. Register your interest on our website to be the first to know when these models are available. 

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