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Immerse into the detail of the Mercedes-AMG ONE

Assembled from over 1192 hand-made parts

Immerse yourself into the detail in our new video, demonstrating the sheer number of parts required to build our Mercedes-AMG ONE model at 1:8 scale. Developed using original CAD designs, paint codes and material specifications provided by Mercedes-AMG, the ONE at 1:8 scale was then individually assembled by our dedicated artisans from over 1192 hand-made parts, including castings, photo-etchings and CNC machined metal components. We hope you enjoy this glance into the effort that creates this superb 1:8 scale model.

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Mercedes-AMG ONE at 1:8 scale

A hugely exciting development for us, the Mercedes-AMG ONE signifies a new level of partnership between Amalgam and Mercedes-Benz. The 1:8 scale model edition is limited to 199 pieces and measures over 58 centimetres (23 inches) long. The ONE is a savage blend of engineering and spirit and is the world’s first commercially available vehicle with both an F1 hybrid powertrain and road-legal approval, the ONE is a true performance hybrid that marks the pinnacle of what is currently technologically feasible. Models of the ONE at 1:8 scale are available to order for immediate dispatch.

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Mercedes-AMG ONE at 1:8 scale

Our Bespoke Service

Tailor Made Models at 1:8 Scale

Our close relationship with Mercedes-AMG allows us to access paint and other key options and specification data so that we can match everything to the exact specification of your car. We will in short create a model for you that is a perfect representation of the precious original in every detail. Placed in your home or office it will be a wonderful attractive display and an ever present reminder of a much loved possession. If you are interested in purchasing a bespoke model, please contact us.

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