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Amalgam Introduces Celebratory Ferrari SF1000 1000th GP Collection

On the 13th of September 2020 the most famous team in Formula 1 celebrated their 1000th grand prix.  It was an astonishing achievement signifying 70 years of total commitment to the world’s premier motor racing series. We at Amalgam are elated reveal the full Ferrari SF1000 Tuscany Grand Prix series, having perfectly captured the car that celebrates Ferrari's unique achievement in its deep blood red livery at multiple scales. The impressive replicas of both Charles Leclerc's and Sebastian Vettel's unique SF1000 cars are presented at 1:8 and 1:18 scales, alongside a miniature nosecone at 1:12 scale.

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At 1:18 Scale

Ferrari SF1000 - 1000th GP Livery at 1:18 Scale

At the smaller 1:18 scale, we are releasing limited edition variants for both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel. Only 500 models will be built for either driver version as Amalgam continues to set the quality benchmark for this scale, recognised amongst high-end collectors worldwide. The prototype model was the result of over 800 hours of development, which only concluded once Ferrari’s design and engineering teams were satisfied with the accuracy of representation. Every model is supplied with a special certificate booklet celebrating Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix. The edition of Leclerc car is currently available to purchase, whilst our first batch of Vettel models is being finalised in our workshops and will soon be ready to order. 

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At 1:12 Scale

Ferrari SF1000 - 1000th GP Livery at 1:12 Scale

We are delighted to be introducing precise miniature recreations of the SF1000’s nosecone for both drivers, which in particular showcase the traditional hand-painted style of the #16 and #5 numbers of Leclerc and Vettel respectively. Requiring over 500 hours of development, the 1:12 scale nosecone measures nearly 18cm wide and comes in its own acrylic display case, perfect for immediate exhibition. These models can be removed from their mounting frame which itself is inspired by the storage racks in the real Scuderia Ferrari pit lane garage. Both driver variants are now available to order. 

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At 1:8 Scale

Ferrari SF1000 - 1000th GP Livery at 1:8 Scale

At our flagship 1:8 scale, the sample model necessitated over 2500 hours of development, and each subsequent model has taken around 250 hours to cast, fit, fettle, paint, decal and build. The finished pieces measure over 71cm long (28 inches) and were built using original CAD designs and paint codes supplied by Scuderia Ferrari. Since the early 2000s, we have dedicated our energy and passion to achieving a level of accuracy, precision and excellence that raises our finished Ferrari Formula 1 1:8 replicas far above anything previously created at any scale, and we are honoured to continue our partnership with the SF1000.

Discover the Ferrari SF1000 - 1000th GP Livery at 1:8 Scale >