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Shmee150 Collects His Bespoke McLaren Senna

We were delighted to have Tim Burton, aka Shmee150, visit the Bristol workshop again, as he returned to collect his bespoke model order. Tim has been a big admirer of Amalgam models, dreaming of owning a scale replica for a long time, and he chose to start his collection with a bespoke version of the most powerful car he owns, the McLaren Senna. Perfectly matched to the real car in every way, our model makers worked directly with McLaren Automotive to replicate every detail perfectly: from the McLaren Special Operations Cerulean Blue exterior paint with satin navy blue carbon, to the details like the 12'o'clock stripe, door gas struts and centre locks in the body car. Tim's scale replica is in its hunkered-down race mode, with its lowered suspension, and also wears its famous SH12 MEE number plate, complete with a quote from Tim's hero Ayrton Senna: "I have no idols, I admire work, dedication and competence."

Sadly he didn't bring his McLaren Senna to Bristol, instead travelling to Bristol in his Mercedes-AMG G63, though at least this had space to transport his model to its new home. After arriving in his storage location, Tim exhibited the premium packaging that protects each Amalgam model to his viewers, before the model finally met its life-size brother. 

A number of other Amalgam models, the Lotus Type 38, Porsche 917K, Bentley Blower, Ferrari F2004 and two McLaren F1 LMs, also made cameo appearances in Tim's video as all of them caught Tim's attention at some point during his filming. 

Tim previously visited the workshop in December, to see his model whilst it was still in pieces at the beginning of the assembly process. He discovered what exactly goes into creating an Amalgam model, from the original primer parts kit consisting of over 1,000 pieces, through to painted parts that were assembled to become his completed model. The 1:8 scale Shmeemobile will become the centre-piece for Tim's future garage and we look forward to it making a cameo appearance in many of his future videos. You can find Shmee's video below.

Our photographer was on hand to ensure we captured Tim's genuine reaction to seeing his 1:8 scale replica, having not seen any approval photos beforehand, so peer behind the scenes with us with a look at the images below.