Ferrari 812 GTS

1:12 SCALE
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Technical Details

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  • Limited Edition of 499 pieces
  • Each model hand-built and assembled by a small team of craftsmen
  • 1:12 scale model, over 38 cms/15 inches long
  • Made using the finest quality materials
  • Over 2000 hours to develop the model
  • Over 200 hours to build each model
  • Precisely engineered parts: castings, photo-etchings and CNC machined metal components
  • Built using original CAD designs, paint codes and material specifications from Ferrari
  • The first V12 Ferrari Spider in 50 years, the 812 GTS is the convertible variant of the 812 Superfast. Like the historic predecessors which influenced its creation, the 812 GTS sets a new benchmark in terms of performance and exclusivity. It is not merely the most powerful production spider on the market, but also the most versatile thanks to its retractable hard top. The 812 GTS hails a triumphant return for a model type that has played a pivotal role in Ferrari’s history and the front mounted V12 architecture has not been used in a Ferrari series-production spider since the 365 GTS4 ‘Daytona’ Spider.

    The 812 GTS shares the masterpiece that is the V12 engine from the 812 Superfast, which possesses the most powerful engine in its class. Producing 789 bhp, the V12 can still launch the GTS from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in under three seconds and 0-124 mph (0-200 km/h) in just 8.3 seconds, despite the added weight of the retractable roof. The Spider retains the top speed of the berlinetta’s, namely 211 mph (340 km/h).

    718 Nm of torque guarantees impressive acceleration while the heady 8900 rpm rev limit means that sporty driving is undiminished. These performance levels were achieved in part by optimising the engine design and in part by innovations, such as the use of a 350 bar direct injection system, and the control system for the variable geometry inlet tracts, developed on naturally-aspirated F1 engines. These systems allowed the increase in displacement from 6.2 to 6.5 litres to be exploited to maximise power output whilst retaining excellent pick-up even at low revs. Particular attention was also paid to calibrating the Manettino settings to enhance the engine’s potential and the sensation of extreme power delivered by the car. That said, the driver will always be able to easily and confidently dose the massive torque available with the accelerator pedal, thanks to smooth, progressive power delivery at all engine speeds. Exhaust-wise, prevalence was given to combustion order harmonics by modifying the geometry of the centre extension pipes. All the pipes in the 6-in-1 exhaust manifold to the monolithic catalytic converter are of equal-length and this optimises the sound by giving predominance to the first-order combustion harmonics. The result is a full-bodied V12 sound in the cabin in all kinds of driving but which is particularly appreciable when the roof is open.

    The aim in developing the 812 GTS was to retain the exhilarating feeling of speed and power delivered by the Superfast version in terms of accelerating, response times and agility. The 812 GTS is equipped with all of the 812 Superfast’s new generation components and control systems and, like it, delivers impressive handling. In terms of pure aerodynamic performance, meticulous resculpting of the tonneau cover surfaces and, most importantly, the integration of a triplane wing into rear diffuser created efficient suction (and thus downforce) from the underbody. The aerodynamicists were able to compensate for the downforce lost by the removal of the 812 Superfast’s rear wheel arch by-pass duct, the air intake of which was behind the quarterlight.

    In fact, the entire rear of the car has been redesigned, with the addition of two buttresses beneath which the roof movement mechanism is stowed. The buttresses were designed to visually embody a sense of forward thrust and lend the side windows a signature sleek yet balanced look that would set the spider apart from the Berlinetta. The draped design of the flanks visually shortens the tail and is characterised by sharply slanted crease lines and impressively muscular wheel arches that imbue it with the power and aggression warranted by its imposing V12. Meticulously detailed work went into sculpting the frontal aerodynamics to guarantee an excellent standard of comfort on-board with the top down, with a particular focus on minimising both turbulence and aerodynamic noise.

    The Ferrari 812 GTS is limited to just 499 pieces at 1:12 scale. 

    Note: This is a 'Kerbside' model and does not any feature moving parts.


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