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Carbon Offset Your Purchase With Greenr

We are now pleased to partner with Greenr to give our customers the option to offset the carbon footprint of their order. Once a model has been added to the basket, just tick the option to add £5 and Greenr will do the rest. We are hoping to encourage our customers to use this new facility to offset their orders, and so Amalgam will match each £5 donation made by customers on orders valued at £500 and over.

Greenr is a social enterprise that uses technology to connect consumers to carbon offsetting programmes in a transparent way. Their carbon experts have sourced some of the leading carbon removal projects in the world, all of which are of the highest carbon standard with certifications under the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, the Woodland Carbon Code and CCB Standard.

By offsetting the emissions of a purchase, customers are ensuring that their carbon footprint is offset via one of their projects, whether that is funding rural solar in Africa, reforestation in Scotland, or conservation in Peru. 95% of each contribution goes directly to the carbon offsetting projects, with only 5% funding management of the Greenr scheme.

Greenr's portfolio of projects specialise in having strong social and environmental benefits, having positive impacts on local employment, poverty rates and wildlife conservation. For more information about Greenr and their projects, visit

Greenr carbon offsetting project - reforestation in Talla & Gameshope, Scottish Borders

Why Offset?

Most scientists now agree that man-made climate change is raising temperatures across the world, affecting people’s lives, our environment and our future. The carbon dioxide that is emitted from our buildings, our transport, our electricity and industries that produce the everyday products we consume, are the primary cause of this change to global temperatures.

While there is a significant amount of work going on to try and reduce or avoid carbon emissions, for now the valid answer to minimise your carbon footprint is to offset your emissions or avoid carbon intensive activity (such as flying). By doing this you can ensure that whatever is emitted in connection with your actions is then being recaptured. Greenr connects you with tried, trusted and certified offsetting projects, both locally and from around the world. By investing in these carbon negative projects, we can restore our natural world and combat climate change together.

Greenr carbon offsetting project - reforestation in Ntakata, Tanzania

What £5 can do

Greenr consider the average cost to offset a tonne of carbon to be approximately £11, so a £5 pledge roughly equates to offsetting half a tonne of carbon. For the Ecosphere+ project in Peru, £5 equates to protecting 10 trees. This is the equivalent of counteracting one flight to New York, driving 1500 miles or burning 300 kg of coal.

Aware that we have a range of price points at Amalgam, we decided that a £5 base donation was the best figure to begin with to ensure full support from our customers. If you wish to donate more, just add the Offset to your cart and raise the quantity.

Greenr Carbon Offsetting project - reforestion and native tribe protection in Nii Kaniti, Peru



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