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A First Look at Amalgam's Race Weathered Ferrari F1-90

We are delighted to release a first glimpse of one the most recent projects in our Bristol workshop: the race weathered Ferrari F1-90 (641/2) as driven by British racer Nigel Mansell in the 1990 Mexico Grand Prix.

This model is the first in a unique edition of five 1:8 scale models has been meticulously hand-painted and detailed by our artisans in Bristol to precisely show every detail of the race dirt that adorned the car as it crossed the finish line. Each model is accompanied by an archive quality Giclée print of the car mid-race, selected by the curator at Motorsport Images. The artistry applied to these five models underlines our commitment to creating beautiful hand-made pieces which fully capture both the spirit and precise appearance of iconic race cars. The base model was developed using data from a meticulous digital scan of the original car. The resulting prototype underwent strict scrutiny by Ferrari to ensure complete accuracy of the model.

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