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A Review of 2022 at Amalgam

A Fine Year for Models

A review of 2022 at Amalgam

Another year has come and gone; 2022 has brought many challenging projects and much to be proud of. Overall, it has been a fine year for Amalgam and our partners, with many exciting opportunities now in view for 2023.

So we bid a fond farewell to 2022, and we would like to thank our clients, partners, clients and customers for their continued support. We hope you enjoy this look back over the year, and we wish you all a peaceful mid-winter holiday and a successful and Happy New Year!

Aston Martin DB4

Our Finest Models

For our development and assembly teams it's been a busy year, with new models and projects undertaken every month. Here is a summary of our introductions through the year.

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Aston Martin DB4

1:8 scale

At 1:8 scale, early in the year we unveiled the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, one of the finest models we have had the pleasure of modelling and one that marks the resurgence of our long-standing partnership with Aston Martin.


A short time ago we revealed the Ferrari Daytona SP3, perhaps the most exciting model we’ve launched this year, and an incredibly important car for Ferrari, potentially the last V12 Maranello will build. Previously in 2022, we released the 296 GTB, Ferrari's first V6 rear-wheel drive hybrid, its convertible cousin, the 296 GTS, and the 812 Competizione A.

F1 1:8 scale

Our Formula 1 model collection grew with the introduction of the Red Bull RB16B, with variants as raced in Monaco, Baku, Turkey (in the special Honda tribute livery) and that controversial Abu Dhabi race, and the McLaren MCL35M as raced at Monza and Monaco, the latter in its iconic Gulf livery. As for the 2022 season, we have since unveiled models of the Ferrari F1-75 at 1:8 scale as raced in Bahrain.


Continuing with motorsport, our first INDYCAR model of the Dallara IR-12 Chassis with Dallara IR-18 Aero Kit in its 2022 season livery, marked the start of a brand new partnership, whilst our models of the Mercedes-EQ Silver Arrow 02 paid homage to the team's success in ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

Weathered Ferrari

We were also delighted to bring two of the most iconic racing cars from Ferrari's illustrious history to the Race Weathered collection: the 250 LM and the 330 P4, as raced in the 1965 and 1967 editions of Le Mans respectively.

1:18 scale

1:18 scale

In October, we released the highly anticipated Ford GT40, as raced to a famous victory at Le Mans in 1969. Just days later, as part of our first ever Amalgam Model Launch Week, we also announced the availability of our first Race Weathered model of the Porsche 917 KH that won at Le Mans two years later in 1971.

F1 1:18 scale

Our stable of 1:18 scale Formula 1 models gained three new outstanding cars from the 2021 season. Our continued collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari saw us build the SF21 as raced to multiple podiums by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz during the season. We also celebrated McLaren's iconic Gulf livery at Monaco with a limited edition of 500 MCL35M models. Finally, we revealed our first Red Bull model at 1:18 as we replicated Max Verstappen's title winner and Sergio Pérez's cars from Abu Dhabi.

Art Silkscreen Prints

Art Silkscreen Prints

In August, we launched our partnership with Alan Thornton, a shared mission to capture the essence of the most beautiful and iconic cars and translate them into extraordinarily beautiful fine art prints. Alan’s artistic obsessions align perfectly with Amalgam’s. Several important automotive brand collaborations are in hand, and the collection is set to grow quickly heading into 2023.

Modern Road Cars 1:12 scale

1:12 scale

Our deep cooperation with Ferrari has gone from strength to strength and, as a result, in 2022, we released a further two models at 1:12 scale: the Portofino M and the SF90 Spider. Both models are available as part of a limited edition from Amalgam, or as a fully bespoke model via Ferrari dealerships.

Full Size Steering Wheels

Full Size Steering Wheel Replicas

Our Formula 1 Full Size Steering Wheel Collection saw two new additions this year with the introduction of the Ferrari F1-75 of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz and the McLaren MCL36 of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. These are astonishingly true replicas, accurate not only visually, but also in weight and feel.

Pecs Workshop

Behind the Scenes in Pécs

Earlier this year, our photographer captured behind the scenes images of our artisans at work in our Pécs workshop. These Ferrari F1-75 models have since been finished and delivered to their new owners across the globe.

Pecs Workshop

We established our workshop in Pécs, a beautiful city in the south of Hungary, back in 2015 on the former site of the Zsolnay art porcelain factory. As of today, over 60 skilled craftspeople are finishing and assembling many of our 1:8 and 1:5 models for Ferrari and Porsche. We look forward to sharing a deeper dive into our operations in Pécs early next year.

Video Content

Our Finest Video Content

We have produced plenty of exciting content this year, from a promotional video for our Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato to handling videos for our Ford GT40 and Ferrari 812 Competizione models. Here we have created a ninety-second montage for your enjoyment!

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Drive Tribe

Our Finest Collaborations

Our partnerships continue to mature with some exciting new developments and opportunities for 2023 in the pipeline. Here we share two of our favourite collaborations of 2022.

Catawiki auction model



Following the successful F1 Special Auction held in October 2021, we were again invited by Catawiki the leading online auction marketplace for special objects, to create a collection, this time bringing to light a few special commercial projects that have lain dormant in the Amalgam archives, most of which had never before been offered for sale.

Drive Tribe


Early in the year, we were delighted to welcome DriveTribe's Mike Fernie, and the video production team at Centric Creative, to shoot at our special projects workshop in Bristol. Mike interviewed our Workshop Manager Chris Lovatt about the build process and took a deep dive into the details of projects that were underway in the workshop. The 14-minute video garnered nearly half a million views on YouTube.

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Press attention

Our Finest Press Attention 

Amalgam’s models have frequently been featured in media across the globe over the last twelve months, with most attention generated by our models of the Red Bull RB16B, Ford GT40 and Ferrari Daytona SP3. There are too many publications to list them all, but particular highlights include pieces in the Robb Report, GQ, AutoCar, Motor1, Sports Illustrated, Jalopnik, duPont Registry, The Classic Cars Journal,, France Racing, Auto News and Club Alfa. Articles about Amalgam and our models were published in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Hungarian, Czech and Portuguese. We are delighted with the media attention our crafts-men and women have been receiving!