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Alfa Romeo 8C. 2900 - Mille Miglia at 1:8 scale

Discover our very detailed 1:8 scale replica of the fascinating 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C. 2900. We undertook many trips to private collections and spent thousands of hours to develop this beautiful model. Our model shows every visible detail of the real 8C. 2900, perfectly recreated at 1:8 scale. Both engine covers are able to be opened and show the iconic 8C. engine in full detail.

The 8C 2900 was always destined for greatness, having the fearsome Italian Mille Miglia sports car race as its main target, with a smattering of other sports car races to aim at en route. It sported the 2.9 litre version of Alfa’s established 8C engine, aided and abetted by two superchargers and double updraught Weber carburettors. Bodywork for the model was largely provided by period coachwork maestro, Carrozzeria Touring, who crafted the ‘2.9’s’ stunning teardrop-shaped mudguards to the tapered rear.