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Ferrari 512 BB LM at 1:8 scale

The Berlinetta Boxer models that came out of Maranello in the late 70’s and early 80’s are some of our favourite Ferraris. In particular the 512 BB LM is a powerful blend of refined Italian engineering and American muscle body styling.

The NART #68 car which raced at Daytona 1979 offers an 
incredible depth of detail, with fully opening doors displaying a meticulously modelled interior and a breath-taking display of model engineering under the opening engine cover, including an exact replica of the 4.9 liter flat 12 Ferrari engine at 1:8.…/ferrari-bb-lm-1978-m587…

Our NART #64 BB LM, which raced in Le Mans in 1979, has been hand built to the same extreme levels of detail and finesse.
These models are some of the most impressively realistic we have ever created.…/ferrari-bb-lm-1978-m587…

We worked closely with Ferrari to develop this model and had the great opportunity to view historic documents and photos from the Ferrari archive.

Register your interest now for these very exclusive models, as we are currently hand building a very limited number of Ferrari 512 BB LMs at 1:8 scale.