We would like to reassure our customers that all model orders are still being processed and shipped in a timely fashion from our global locations, and there will be no unexpected charges as a result of Brexit. The exception applies to deliveries of Porter Press books, which ship from the UK and may attract VAT or import duties entering specific EU countries.
Social media posts 'from the archive'

Launch of regular Wednesday social media posts 'from the archive'

Amalgam is firmly established as the premier maker of large scale model cars for collectors and owners, but we also work with leading architects, artists and designers, and the marketing and events departments of the major manufacturers and F1 teams that we partner with.

It’s in the nature of this work that much of it has to remain confidential but there are many projects we can now share from the photographic archive of our past projects.

There are also some outstanding bespoke models and one-offs we’ve made over the years that are of interest. We will share these images in a social media post every Wednesday and they will remain available to view in a gallery on our Facebook page.

Bugatti 16C Galibier

Bugatti 16C Galibier concept model at 1:8 scale