Please be aware: We are witnessing a significant increase in the number of scam websites offering our models. Learn more.
Keeping You Safe Online

Like many makers of high value hand made goods we are witnessing a significant increase in the number of scam websites and social media adverts offering our models at prices too good to be true. These didn’t come from us and it’s important that you don’t engage with them. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of trusted institutions, with fraudsters looking to trick you into giving away sensitive information. We’d like to warn you about these fake websites, invite you to let us know if you come across any of them and share some advice for staying safe online.

Reporting Fake Websites and Adverts

If you continue to see any fake adverts and websites, please do send us any URLs and screenshots to and continue to report the posts to Facebook/Meta. The links to the adverts themselves on social media are particularly useful for us as we are able to report these directly to Meta's brand protection team and this increases the likelihood of the adverts and pages being taken down. Links to a website’s URL are used when reporting the scam to the website hosting platform, in an attempt to remove the issue at its source.

Our website

Our website URLs will always contain or All domains under our control redirect to one of these addresses.

Social media

You might see an offer or competition on social media that looks like it’s from us, but isn’t. On Facebook or Instagram, fraudsters have been using our photo, video and text content to sell fake models though avoiding using any known trademarks or logos of ours or our trusted partners.

If in doubt...

If you see an email, text or social media post – or you find yourself on a website – that you think looks suspicious, don’t engage with it. Instead, contact us via the contact us via and we can inform you of its context.

We hope you find this information useful. Stay safe, and thank you for following Amalgam Collection.