The Ferrari Portofino at 1:12 Scale

Powered by the illustrious Ferrari V8 turbo engine

After over 2000 hours of development and 200 hours of casting, fitting, fettling, painting and building, our 1:12 scale Ferrari Portofino M model has been approved by the design team at Ferrari. Our initial batch has sold out, with the first of these models largely destined for Ferrari dealerships to be exhibited in front of current and prospective Ferrari owners. We would like to offer you, as a valued member of our mailing list, the earliest opportunity to register your interest for the second batch of our Portofino M models at 1:12 scale.

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Ferrari Portofino M

Featuring an ‘M’ Suffix, for Modificata, the Ferrari Portofino M is the latest evolution of the Portofino. The 2+ spider possesses a host of new technical and design features, including the inclusion for the first-time, of a five-position Manettino and an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox in a Ferrari GT convertible.

Following traditional Maranello fashion, the Portofino M has been given its own unique soundtrack, achieved through a complete redesign of the geometry of the exhaust line, alongside the removal of the two-rear silencers from previous models and the inclusion of new oval shape by-pass valves.

Ferrari Portofino M

The Portofino is powered by the illustrious Ferrari V8 turbo engine, a member of the four-time nominated ‘Engine of the Year’ engine family (2016-2019). The 3.9 litre power unit is capable of unleashing a massive 620cv, 20 more than the Portofino, accelerating from 0-62.1 mph (1-100km/h) in 3.45 second and 0-124 mph (0-200km/h) in only 9.8 seconds, going on to reach an impressive maximum speed of 198.8 mph (320km/h). These significant improvements are in part due to new cam profiles and the introduction of a new speed sensor on the turbocharger assembly to measure turbine revolutions.

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Ferrari Dealers

Bespoke 1:12 scale models are available as an option for customers ordering a new Ferrari. Contact your Ferrari dealer to order a perfect replica of your car at 1:12 scale.

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