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The Ferrari SF90 Spider at 1:12 scale

With each model being hand-built and assembled by a small team of craftsmen over hundreds of hours, including casting, fitting, fettling, painting and building, we are happy to announce that our first small batch of 1:12 scale Ferrari SF90 Spider models is nearing completion.Take advantage of this initial opportunity to secure one of the first batches of SF90 Spider models at 1:12 scale, following approval by the design team at Ferrari.

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Ferrari Sf90 Spider at 1:12 scale

Unveiled only 18 months after the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 Spider is Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid. With the same extreme sports car specification and record-breaking performance as the Stradale, the Hard Top architecture of the Spider brings versatility to the car’s exhilarating driving experience.

The SF90 Spider’s combustion engine is integrated with two electric motors at the front, managed by the RAC-e (Cornering Angle Regulator, Electric) system. The rear drive is derived from a Formula 1 innovation, the MGUK (Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic). Together the internal combustion engine and electric motors deliver a maximum of 1000 cv, placing the SF90 Spider at the pinnacle of both its category and the Ferrari range.

Ferrari SF90 Spider at 1:12 scale

The low engine cover on the SF90 Spider improves the interaction between the airflows over and under the car's body, minimising drag. The engine cover’s end section has a suspended wing feature that is divided into two sections. One section is fixed and incorporates the third brake light, and one mobile section has a wedge-shaped front area. This mobile section, dubbed the Shut-Off Gurney, is a patented active system placed at the rear of the car to regulate the airflow over the upper body and reduce the drag at high speeds with low lateral dynamics loads. This increases downforce in corners, under braking, and during direction changes.

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The Ferrari 1:12 Scale Collection

1:12 Collection

Since our 1:12 scale collection announcement in early 2021, our artisans have been busy developing this elegant range of models, which now includes the 812 GTS, 812 Superfast, Roma, SF90 Stradale and the LaFerrari. 

The last remaining confirmed 1:12 scale project yet to be realised, our recreation of the Portofino M, is now nearing the end of is development, with the expectation that the first sample will be approved by Ferrari early into this year. As new Ferraris are launched over the coming years, our range of 1:12 models will follow suit.  We will keep you informed with these developments as they are realised. 

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Bespoke 1:12 scale models are now available as an option for customers ordering a new Ferrari. Contact your Ferrari dealer to order a perfect replica of your car at 1:12 scale.

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