Amalgam Collection launches special Limited Special Edition of 5 1:8 Ferrari F40 models in partnership with Road & Track
  • Limited to 5 models, each paired with a specially produced book dedicated to this edition
  • The book contains facsimile reproductions of all the R&T reviews of the F40 since 1987
  • In addition, the book contains 40 high resolution full page close-up photographs of details of the F40 that capture the DNA of this amazing car
  • The book is housed in a hard slip case handmade in our workshops with the F40 logo debossed into the front face, all hand sprayed and finished in Rosso Corsa
  • Priced at USD $13,750 - GBP £10,745 - EUR €12.895

Amalgam Collection and Road & Track launched a partnership in October 2018 offering an R&T curated collection of 1:18 models accompanied by a booklet containing facsimile reproductions of the R&T reviews of each car modelled.  The R&T Collection by Amalgam is set to grow over the coming years as awareness and appreciation of the extraordinary quality, detailing and presentation of Amalgam’s 1:18 models gains further recognition by discerning collectors worldwide.

Now the Amalgam Collection and Road & Track Partnership is going to a new level with the launch of a very small edition of just 5 Ferrari F40 models at the large 1:8 scale that has made Amalgam’s name famous amongst owners and collectors.  The edition is defined by a very special book created by Amalgam in partnership with the Road & Track editorial staff.  The book contains facsimile reproductions of all the R&T reviews of the car since 1987 which have been scanned by the R&T archivists from copies of the original magazines.  In addition, the book contains 40 beautiful pages of high resolution photographs that were shot at the time Amalgam scanned the F40.  These photographs are amongst the 800 pictures capturing the finest details of the car, shot by Amalgam and used as reference for developing the model along with the high resolution digital scan.

Just five books have been printed to accompany the Limited Edition Each one is housed in a beautifully crafted hard slip case created in Amalgam’s workshops. The case has been hand painted, flatted and polished in the original Rosso Corsa and has the F40 logo debossed into the front face, just as it appears on the rear wing ends of the real car.

The model is hand built to Amalgam’s usual extraordinary standards of detail and finish, mounted on a carbon fibre base with a clear acrylic dust cover.  Each model has a unique polished stainless steel title plate mounted onto the base stating the number of the model in the Limited Edition of five.

Steady demand for the standard Amalgam edition of the Ferrari F40 means that each new batch of models sells out even before they are built.  With just 5 models and books in the special R&T Edition, those wishing to acquire one of the 5 will need to place an order quickly.