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The SF1000 Collection by Amalgam (video)

Amid Ferrari's resurgence as a front runner on the grid, delve into our complete Ferrari SF1000 collection in this video on location in our workshop in Pécs, Hungary. This video provides a closer look at this exceptional collection, examining both the standard and the 1000th Grand Prix liveried models at 1:8 and 1:18 scale, the car’s steering wheel modelled at 1:1 and 1:4 scale and the 1000th GP liveried nosecone at 1:12 scale. The collection is unsurprisingly very popular, and our 1:1 scale steering wheel edition has already sold out. 

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Ferrari SF1000 at 1:8 Scale

Ferrari SF1000 Collection 1:8 Scale

Standard Livery

The sample model required over 2500 hours of development, and each subsequent 71cm long (28 inches) model has taken around 250 hours to cast, fit, fettle, paint, decal and build. Built using original CAD designs and paint codes supplied by Scuderia Ferrari.

Discover the SF1000 with standard livery at 1:8 scale >

1000th GP Livery

A rich red one-off livery to mark the very historic occasion of Ferrari's unique milestone of 1000 Grand Prix has been perfectly captured by our artisans at 1:8 scale. Fewer than 15 remain in this edition, with the expectation of delivering the final batches to customers in September. 

Discover the SF1000 with GP 1000th livery at 1:8 scale >

Miniature Nosecone

Ferrari SF1000 Minature Nosecone at 1:12 Scale

Necessitating over 500 hours of development, the 1:12 scale nosecone measures nearly 18cm wide and is protected by a clear acrylic dust cover. The nosecone can be removed from its mounting frame which itself is inspired by the storage racks in the real Ferrari pit lane garage. Both driver variants are available to order. 

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Ferrari SF1000 at 1:18 Scale

Ferrari SF1000 Collection 1-18 Scale

Standard Livery

In an edition of only 500 models, both driver versions are available as Amalgam continues to set the quality benchmark for this scale. The prototype model was the result of over 800 hours of development, which only concluded once Ferrari’s design and engineering teams were fully  satisfied with the accuracy of representation.

Discover the SF1000 with standard livery at 1:18 scale >

1000th GP Livery 

Showcasing the deep burgundy livery and traditional hand-painted style of the #16 and #5 numbers of Leclerc and Vettel respectively, every model is supplied with a special certificate booklet celebrating Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix. Only a small number of models from our first batches remain available, with any further batches several months away. 
Discover the SF1000 with GP 1000th livery at 1:18 scale >

Steering Wheel

Ferrari SF1000 Steering Wheel at 1:4 Scale

This fine 1:4 scale model of the Ferrari SF1000 Steering Wheel has been crafted and finished in the workshops of Amalgam Collection using detailed colour and material specifications, and original CAD data supplied directly from the drawing office of Ferrari. Furthermore, it has undergone detailed scrutiny by Ferrari's engineering and design teams to ensure complete accuracy of representation.

Discover the Ferrari SF1000 Steering Wheel at 1:4 Scale >