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The Ford GT40 Fine Art Edition

Now available to order

Unveiling the new Fine Art Edition of the Ford GT40, created in partnership with Ford and Gulf International. Photography and artwork have been perfectly executed by artist Alan Thornton, and printed onto the finest Saunder Waterford 425 gsm archival paper at Coriander Studio in London. This Limited Edition is now available to order for immediate dispatch. Each Fine Art Print depicts a precise and vibrant side profile of the 24 Hours of Le Mans winning car driven by Jackie Ickx and Jackie Oliver in 1969.

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Ford GT40 Fine Art Edition Print

Limited to just 200 Fine Art Prints created by artist and photographer Alan Thornton.

Ford GT40 Fine Art Edition Print

The Fine Art Edition measures 1.0 metre (38 inches) wide by 0.7 metres (27 inches) tall.

Get a glimpse of the artisan printing process in this new Behind the Scenes video. This is a highly skilled process, with a long and illustrious history in the fine art world, sensitive to the touch, feel and technique of the printer, and as a result each print is unique.

Ford GT40 Fine Art Edition Print

One of the most iconic racing cars of all time, the Ford GT40 was born out of motorsport’s most infamous grudge. After failing to secure possession of Enzo Ferrari’s much celebrated company, Henry Ford II returned to America empty-handed and declared his desire to crush Ferrari at Le Mans. The result was a car that was to defeat all before it.

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