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The Lamborghini Countach LP400

Discover the details at 1:8 scale

Dive into every meticulously recreated detail of our Lamborghini Countach model at 1:8 scale in this new video. The car's pioneering gullwing doors are openable, allowing exploration of the leather-clad interior and instrument panel, along with access to a mechanism to open the model's pop up headlights. The trunk and engine cover also open, to reveal the spare wheel and the perfectly detailed 3.9 litre v12 engine. Limited to just 199 pieces, models of this 1970s automotive icon measure over 50 cms/20 inches long, with options to purchase it in its original and striking Giallo Fly, or in the equally captivating Rosso Red.

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Lamborghini Countach at 1:8 scale

In addition to our Limited Edition model, we offer a bespoke service for Countach owners, perfectly replicating every detail of your car and its unique specifications. Contact our sales team to discover more.

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