Ferrari Dream Cars


梦幻法拉利:梦想中的法拉利限量超级跑车,它们无疑是汽车历史上最具标志性的创造。从288 GTO开创了系列并为设定了基础标准以来,再到具有传奇原始赛车风格的F40,接着,F1的灵感启发了F50,新一代的F1又影响了Enzo,最后是敞篷版的LaFerrari Aperta,它是近十年来汽车设计中最重要的一款车型。

Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari 288 GTO 1:18 SCALE

1:18 scale model, over 23 cms/9 inches long Each model hand-built and assembled by a small team of craftsmen Made using the finest quality materials Over 800 hours to develop the model Precisely engineered parts:...


法拉利F40 生产中

法拉利F40 1:18 SCALE

The F40 was to be a celebration of forty years of Ferrari. The company’s first supercar, although heavily influenced by the extreme machine philosophy of the 288 GTO, was never intended for a life on...



法拉利F50 1:18 SCALE

Limited Edition of 199 pieces Bespoke Models can be built to the owner's specification Each model hand-built and assembled by a small team of craftsmen 1:18 scale model, over 24 cms/9 inches long Made using...



法拉利ENZO 1:18 SCALE

该模型是在我们的车间内手工制作和完成的,在原始表面处理,材料,存档图片和图纸等方面制造商提供了很大的帮助。使用原始CAD和对原始汽车的超高精度数字扫描使我们能够完美地重现每个细节,此外,原型模型还经过制造商的工程和设计团队的详细审查,以确保完全准确的呈现。 注意:这是“路边”模型,不具有移动部件。


Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta 1:18 SCALE

The spider cousin of Maranello’s most ambitious project to date, the LaFerrari Aperta took Ferrari’s most extreme road-legal performance car and removed the roof. The Aperta represented the finest expression of Ferrari’s technical capabilities in...