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The six cars featured in the Road & Track collection by Amalgam were selected by the editors of Road & Track Magazine. They’re cars that redefined brands, moved the performance needle in their time, and have since become legends. More simply, they’re cars Road & Track loves.

Road & Track is one of the world’s longest running automotive publications, and has had significant interactions with every one of the cars on this list. A booklet with the magazine’s coverage comes standard with each model. Reach back in time and read contemporary impressions of vehicles that would change the face of the automotive landscape forever.


Starting in 1985 as a partnership of four talented model makers working with England’s leading architects, Amalgam were soon also supplying the leading F1 teams and all of Europe’s most iconic car manufacturers, close relationships which have endured through to the present day.

Recognising the beauty and importance of these designs we have utterly dedicated our energy and passion to modelling them to a level of accuracy, precision and excellence that raises the finished replica to a level far beyond anything previously created.

In May 2016 Amalgam was acquired by Motorsport Network a perfect addition to the American group’s portfolio covering every aspect of Motorsport worldwide.


To create perfect scale replicas of modern cars Amalgam Collection uses original CAD data supplied by the manufacturer and then works closely with their design team to perfect the rendition of the interior and exterior finishes.

With regard to classics, in their quest for supreme accuracy and authenticity they go to great lengths to locate the best examples of original cars and digitally scan them to capture the precise shape and proportions of every part of the car including the chassis, engine and drive train. They also take 600 – 800 photographs of every aspect and detail of each car in order to completely understand the finishes and detailing.

The resulting models beautifully and precisely capture the entirety of the original, and are impossible to discern from a real car in photographs.


Amalgam is the only maker of model cars that can be considered alongside a maker of fine watches like Richard Mille, a patron who recognised a shared passion for engineering detail and has commissioned unique models of a number of superb cars in his collection.

In recent years, Amalgam Collection has collaborated with Ralph Lauren to create the most amazing models of the cars in his collection, available exclusively from his flagship stores worldwide.

Amalgam Collection now occupies a unique place in the history of fine car models. They continue striving to reach new levels of craftsmanship and to create masterpieces of the model-makers art with enduring value.

Visit the Road & Track Collection website here