Ferrari 250 GTO - 3943GT - 1st Place Nürburgring 1000km 1963

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Produced in late 1962, Ferrari 250 GTO #3943GT was purchased by French steel industrialist and renowned racer Pierre Noblet. Finished in red with a French tricolore stripe, the 3943GT contested with some success, at times partnered by close friend and future Le Mans winner Jean Guichet. A first appearance at the 1962 Nürburgring 1000km heralded a second in class finish, one lap behind the class leaders whilst, one month later, the 3943GT finished best in class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and second overall. Success continued the following year as the duo scored a crushing victory at the Dakar 6 Hours, finishing 21 laps ahead of their closest rivals. A close battle at the 1963 Spa-Francorchamps 500km, in which the top four all finished within a lap of each other, saw Noblet and Guichet take second spot. One week later, the 3943GT returned to the Nürburgring for the 1963 1000km event. Surprising many, the pair drove the 250 GTO to second overall, finishing on the same lap as the winning car and defeating their own class by three laps.

The 3943GT was sold on to fellow Frenchman and semi-professional rally driver Robert Neyret, who continued to race the Ferrari to more success. Neyret emerged best in class in the 1966 Paris 1000km, co-driven by compatriot Jacques Terramorsi, the 1967 Mont Ventoux Hill Climb and the 1967 Rallye Pétrole-Provence, with Jean-Claude Syda alongside him.

The car remained in French ownership after Neyret, until was acquired by American Tom Price in 1983. During the following years, Price regularly raced and exhibited the 250 GTO until he sold it to the current owner Charles E. Nearburg for $26million in 2010. Nearburg had 3943GT completely restored and it has since been shown at events on both sides of the Atlantic, winning multiple awards.

This perfect 1:8 scale model of the Ferrari 250 GTO 3943GT Chassis is modelled on the #46 car as raced at the 1963 Nürburgring 1000km with Noblet and Guichet at the wheel. It has been handcrafted and finished in our workshops with the co-operation and assistance of the manufacturer regarding original finishes, materials, archive imagery and drawings. The use of original CAD and supremely accurate digital scanning of the original car has allowed us to perfectly recreate every detail at scale. Furthermore, the prototype model has undergone detailed scrutiny by the manufacturer’s engineering and design teams to ensure complete accuracy of representation.

The Ferrari 250 GTO #3943GT Chassis is limited to only 199 pieces.


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