Model Parts Display – Bugatti Type 59

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The Type 59 was Bugatti’s final race car of the 1930s. Built for the new ’750 kg’ regulations that would come into effect in 1934, its enlarged 3.3 litre straight-eight engine was dual purpose: to not only power the Type 59 race car but the upcoming Type 57 grand tourer. The car was noticeably lower than its predecessor due to its underslung rear suspension and dry-sump engine.

The Type 59 was outgunned by its rivals, the Italian Alfa Romeo and the German ‘Silver Arrows’ Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union who were both financially backed by their respective governments. Bugatti, however, were using their own money to race. It is a testament of Ettore Bugatti's talent that his 'old fashioned' Grand Prix cars were still relatively competitive. The Type 59 did manage to score a 1-2 victory in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa, with cars in the hands of René Dreyfus and Antonio Brivio, after all of the top runners crashed out. Later in the year, Jean-Pierre Wimille finished first in the minor Algiers Grand Prix behind the wheel of a Type 59.

This beautiful display shows the thousands of parts of the Amalgam Bugatti Type 59 model at 1:8, individually wired to a black Alcantara covered panel.

Dimensions: 1420mm x 715mm



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