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Enormous Red Bull RB18 Model Unveiled by Amalgam Collection

The 1 metre long 1:4 scale model crowns a collection of perfectly detailed replicas of Max Verstappen’s 2022-dominating Red Bull

 Red Bull RB18 1:4 Scale Model Red Bull RB18 1:4 Scale Model Red Bull RB18 1:4 Scale Model Red Bull RB18 1:4 Scale Model Red Bull RB18 1:4 Scale Model Red Bull RB18 1:4 Scale Model

Bristol, UK, 26th of September

  • Amalgam Collection reveal first photographs of their enormous ‘flagship’ 1:4 scale model of the RB18 based on Max Verstappen’s victory at the Formula One Heineken Dutch Grand Prix.
  • Only eighteen handcrafted 1:4 scale models will be built bearing the number 1, and several have already been pre-sold to devoted followers of the Dutch World Champion.
  • Amalgam worked closely with the Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula One team and their official partners, and sponsors to develop the models.
  • The RB18 collection also features models at 1:8 scale, a full-size replica steering wheel, and miniature replicas of the car's nosecone and steering wheel at 1:12 scale and 1:4 scale respectively in development.

The car that returned the World Constructors’ Championship to Milton Keynes after an eight-year absence, the Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 will be forever remembered as the car that dominated the first year of the new aerodynamics era in Formula 1. Alongside their reference level replicas at 1:8, the world’s leading automotive model creators at Amalgam Collection have now revealed the first photographs of their enormous ‘flagship’ 1:4 scale model of the RB18.

Based on Max Verstappen’s victorious outing in the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort on the 4th of September 2022, each 1:4 scale replica measures in excess of 1.04 metres (41 inches) long, and precisely captures every aspect of the car’s complex aerodynamics alongside its distinctive blue, red and yellow Red Bull livery. Only eighteen handcrafted 1:4 scale models bearing the number 1 will be built, so every client and collector can be assured of exclusivity in their purchase, several of which have already been pre-sold to devoted followers of the Dutch World Champion. Amalgam are now accepting orders on the remaining models left in the edition. Models of Verstappen’s teammate Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez can be built to order.

The colossal edition of models has been developed primarily to meet the requirements of the Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula One Team, along with their official partners and sponsors, and necessitated over 4500 hours of development. Working from CAD data supplied directly by the Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, Amalgam’s engineers developed a pattern for each component of the model, utilising the team’s data to ensure that the details were accurately reflected at a quarter of the real car size. The master patterns were created for each piece of the complex assembly using 3D printing, followed by meticulous hand finishing. Moulds were then taken from each pattern and used to create a small batch of cast components, each one fettled and fitted to make a complete set, before painting, finishing and assembly. The resulting prototype only received the approval of the Oracle Red Bull Racing designers and engineers once they were fully satisfied with its accuracy of representation. Each subsequent model takes over 450 hours to cast, fit, fettle, paint and assemble in one of Amalgam’s global workshops, as teams of artisans focus on ensuring that every minute detail was accurately depicted on every model.

Previous collaborations between Oracle Red Bull Racing and Amalgam Collection have centred around major achievements in the team’s eighteen-year history. Sandy Copeman, Brand Director at Amalgam, said “We have collaborated closely with Oracle Red Bull Racing for over fifteen years now, first building models of the RB3 cars driven by David Coulthard and Mark Webber, before moving onto the four double Championship-winning cars of Sebastian Vettel. We are relishing the opportunity to celebrate the latest success of a team that continues to warrant its place at the front of the grid, along with a driver who looks well set to continue making Formula 1 history.”

The RB18 proved to be a masterful response to a set of radically new aerodynamic regulations for the 2022 season. Despite its dominance, it did not start the year as the fastest car and had to be developed over the course of the season to unleash its full potential. The RB18’s designers developed many unconventional but ultimately pioneering components, many of which that were later replicated by their rivals, the ultimate compliment to the engineers’ ingenuity. The RB18 swiftly became one of the most successful cars in the sport’s history, winning seventeen of the twenty-two races, fifteen with reigning World Champion Verstappen and two in the hands of Pérez.

The 1:4 scale headlines a growing collection of models in Amalgam’s RB18 Collection. Models of the double championship race-winning machine are also available at 1:8, a full-size replica steering wheel, and miniature replicas of the car's nosecone at 1:12 and 1:4 scale respectively. The first batches of models at 1:8 scale have already been delivered to customers, including team principal Christian Horner. Limited to 99 pieces per driver, this edition necessitated over 2500 hours to develop the prototype, and each subsequent model requires 250 hours of complete build time. Every miniature nosecone replica is handcrafted from precisely engineered parts by small teams of craftspeople across Amalgam’s global workshops. The nosecone measures 16cm (6 inches) wide, took over 500 hours to develop and is removable from its mounting, inspired by the real pit lane garage storage racks. The full-size replica steering wheel is limited to just 175 pieces and is an exact reproduction of the one used by the drivers, featuring working buttons, switches and paddles. Every model built by Amalgam is presented on an acrylic base with a clear dust cover and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The full Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 Collection can be found at www.amalgamcollection.com.


High resolution images of the Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 Collection can be found here >





品牌和业务发展总监:Sandy Copeman sandy.copeman@amalgam.com

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关于Amalgam Collection:

Amalgam Collection在世界精品汽车模型史上占据独特地位,手工打造全球无与伦比且最具标志性的豪华汽车大比例模型。 我们在还原汽车真实细节的技术方面独树一帜,侧重于创建能够真正体现每辆汽车的风格和精神的模型。 我们将卓越的技术和对汽车艺术的热忱,铸入到每一件成品之中,从而提高了Amalgam 汽车模型的的品牌影响力以及艺术收藏价值。


对于拥有珍贵限量版汽车或老爷车的车主,Amalgam Collection可以提供更大的1:5或1:4的孤品模型服务,由我们位于英国布里斯托尔的工作室手工打造。 我们将对汽车进行精准的数字扫描,并为每一个细节拍摄多达一千张照片,从而使它们能够被完美,准确地,全面地复制。 考虑到开发孤品模型所需的大量时间,成本很高,因此要大比例模型必须以最严格的标准打造,最终交付成品呈现完美细节和无与伦比的价值。

Amalgam Collection的设计、管理和开发中心在英国,同时在中国和匈牙利拥有尖端技术和敬业的团队生产大规模模型。我们的技术人员来自不同国家、不同文化背景,但他们都有共同的追求——致力于打造全球最精准、最美丽、最独特的模型。他们的深受F1车队以及共事的英格兰和意大利的标志性豪华汽车品牌的启发,为自己完美捕捉设计的使命感到无比自豪,并向热爱的汽车艺术的设计师、车手和创造者致以最崇高的敬意。

1985年成立之初,四位才华横溢的车模制作人携手为英国和德国最德高望重的设计师和建筑师精心打造模型。与诺曼•福斯特(Norman Foster)团队在汇丰银行以及香港机场项目上的密切合作中,让我们的技术人员开阔眼界,见识最精细的美学和精致的工程。在与才华出众的建筑师们的工作学习中,我们技术人员深受感染。他们打造完美模型的激情和渴望同时被点燃。在接下来的发展里,我们的团队有幸和在1995年一级方程式赛车锦标赛中一马当先的威廉姆斯车队和阿德里安·纽伊合作,然后是1999年在马拉内洛接触极其重要的恩佐法拉利设计,再到后来的宾尼法利纳和埃托雷·布加蒂等作品。


如今,拥有这些著名的汽车品牌继续受到创始人的非凡热情和才华的启发,仍然在创新创造。 Amalgam Collection也从继续与从设计和创作汽车艺术品的品牌合作中获得灵感。

认识到这些设计的美丽和重要性,Amalgam Collection竭尽全力将这些汽车建模到精确,精确和卓越的水平,从而使成品复制品的水平不断精进。 Amalgam选择以1:8的比例工作,这是公认的最令人满意的比例,可以一目了然地理解汽车的整个设计,同时还显示了最细微的细节。

为了制作完美的现代模型汽车,Amalgam Collection使用制造商提供的原始计算机辅助设计(CAD)数据,然后与他们的设计团队紧密合作,完善内部和外部装饰的表现。


Amalgam是唯一一家能与精致手表制造商Richard Mille或Hublot等豪华手表制造商媲美的模型车制造商。Richard Mille是我们的客户,其对工程细节倾注同样的热情,并在收藏系列中委托制作了许多独一无二的精美汽车模型。


  • 使用制造商提供的原始CAD或非常精确的数字扫描以及原始老爷车的数百张照片来建立档案。
  • 档案用于创建捕捉每个细节零件的硅橡胶模具。
  • 原型树脂用于从硅模铸造零件。 每个模具仅可以铸造大约20到30个零件, 以保证每个零件的完美比例,超过限定的数量后,必须制造一个新的模具来铸造零件。
  • 每个模型都由数千个零件组成:包括铸件,光蚀刻和CNC加工的金属零件。
  • 使用真车油漆或汽车制造商档案颜色参考用于喷涂车身。
  • 每个模型开发需要2500至4,500个小时来铸造,装配,装饰,涂漆和组装。



成品模型是原始汽车的精确比例复制品,每个细节都完美而真实地以原始尺寸的八分之一还原出来,成为独特的艺术收藏品。自1995年以来,Amalgam一直受到欧洲汽车行业领先的设计师和工程师以及F1设计师,驾驶员和车队负责人的赞赏和尊敬。 Amalgam的模型出现在世界上最重要的汽车公司的首席执行官和总裁的办公桌上。由于限量发行的Amalgam作品具有极高的艺术性和真实性,因此为美国及欧洲的艺术品收藏家所热爱。