Solid Walnut Illuminated Display Case

1:8 比例
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Having worked with some of the world’s most important architects since the 1980s we have learned that to best display complex and beautiful objects, simplicity and clarity of presentation are of the essence. That philosophy has informed all the model bases and displays we have developed over the last two decades.

Designed to house one of Amalgam’s 1:8 scale GT models, this display case is made of solid walnut and incorporates a light tablet inspired by the lighting system used in Ralph Lauren’s private museum. With an even dispersal of silky light over the whole of the model, revealing the sleek lines of the body and intricate details, this display case would be perfect for one of our classic models. Discreet but complimentary, the display case ensures the model remains the focus of attention in terms of quality, finish and functionality.

Dimensions: L 75.2cm D 38.0cm H 30.0cm



    In order for us to create your bespoke model, you will need to choose 4 extra options. Paint colour, interior colour, wheel style and caliper colour.

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