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We are delighted to be able to offer this unique and exclusive piece at 1:8 scale. The model was created to a specification defined by Ferrari, especially for a piece in The Official Ferrari Magazine, titled “Passion Down to the Last Detail”. The process of building this unique Ferrari SF90 Stradale at our Bristol workshops was captured by Woven Films in the video below. The tasteful specification defined by Ferrari includes a Rosso Mugello exterior with a Rosso Ferrari interior, black brake calipers and many carbon components. The model features a special edition plaque and will be supplied with a high resolution version of the video on a USB drive.

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The most powerful Ferrari to be built and the fastest road car around the famous Fiorano circuit at its time of production, the SF90 Stradale is the new series-production supercar from Maranello. The car’s name encapsulates the true significance of all that has been achieved in terms of performance; the reference to the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Scuderia Ferrari underscores the strong link that has always existed between Ferrari’s track and road cars. The SF90 Stradale is a brilliant encapsulation of the most advanced technologies developed in Maranello and the perfect demonstration of how Ferrari immediately transitions the knowledge and skills it acquires in competition to its production cars.

Equipped with a 769hp 4L twin-turbocharged V8 and three electric motors, the SF90 Stradale is the first ever Ferrari to feature Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle architecture. With two motors located on the front axle and the third situated at the rear between the engine and the gearbox, the combined hybrid power is a staggering 986hp in a 1570kg car. The highest output of any 8-cylinder Ferrari engine, combined with a self-managing electrical system with sophisticated logic control, means the SF90 Stradale can accelerate to 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 2.5 seconds, 0-124mph (200km/h) in 6.7 seconds, onto a top speed of 211mph (340km/h). The Stradale can accelerate to 62mph in the space of just 29.5 metres.

The first Ferrari sports car to be equipped with 4-wheel-drive, the SF90 Stradale’s all-new chassis combines aluminium and carbon fibre to improve structural rigidity and provide a suitable platform for the car's hybrid system. A new electronic Side Slip Control vehicle control system manages optimal use of torque, brake energy and electric traction, guaranteeing that drivers of all kinds can be full-use of the SF90’s potential.

The car’s design is the result of a close collaboration between the Ferrari Styling Centre and Ferrari engineers; every piece has a purpose. Rear downforce is balanced at the front of the car by a complex and optimised system of vortex generators, whilst the front bumper is divided into two sections with specific wing functions. This feature, together with the two diffusers ahead of the front wheels, contributes to generating downforce over the front axle. Specially forged wheels work like rotor blades, efficiently managing the air flows from inside the wheel arches. The engine cover has been kept extremely low to minimise drag and the end section features a suspended wing which incorporates a shut-off Gurney, a patented active system located at the rear of the car which regulates the air flow over the upper body.

Ferrari Design has created a radical evolution of the forms of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engine production Berlinettas, creating a profile that is forward-thinking and innovative, transmitting the car’s mission as an extreme sports car: a seamless amalgamation of form, technology and performance. The cab-forward design utilises the new aerodynamic parts of the car more effectively, incorporating radiators or the cooling requirements of the hybrid system. The lower powertrain allows a lower tail than Ferraris of the past, a tail that is dominated by high exhaust pipes, due to optimisation in the exhaust line layout. The rear-end of the car also carries over many iconic Ferrari Styling elements whilst the rear side-profile harkens back to the 1960s 330 P3 and P4. The interior is even more radical. Ferrari Design’s explicit aim was to create a new design direction for Ferrari, the effects of which will carry over into the whole Ferrari range. This results in a wraparound aeronautically inspired cockpit with a strong emphasis on the instruments, underscoring the symbiotic relationship between car and driver. This is epitomised by the new Heads Up Display, an innovative addition to the Human Machine Interface.

This fine bespoke 1:8 scale model of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale has been handcrafted and finished in our workshops with the co-operation and assistance of Ferrari regarding original finishes, materials, archive imagery and drawings. The use of supremely accurate digital scanning of the original car has allowed us to perfectly recreate every detail at scale. Furthermore, it has undergone detailed scrutiny by both engineering and design teams to ensure complete accuracy of representation.

This Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Rosso Mugello is a one-of-a-kind piece.


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