In Build Models

Models from the ‘In Build’ category are currently being handcrafted in our workshops by our talented master model makers. CAD design, 3D printing and CNC machining are combined with traditional machining and hand working skills to create the world’s most precise, accurate and faithfully detailed models of cars. These models have been produced previously but are currently unavailable to purchase. If you are interested in reserving a model that is ‘In Build’, please register your interest using the button on the relevant model page. A member of Amalgam’s sales team will contact you in due course.

In Development Models

Models from the ‘In Development’ category are models that Amalgam has committed to producing, with the manufacturer’s endorsement and assistance. It can take up to 5000 hours to take the first 1:8 scale prototype through the design, build and approval processes and 800 hours for the smaller 1:18 scale models. To create perfect scale replicas, Amalgam’s master model makers make use of confidential CAD data supplied by the manufacturer or go to great lengths to locate the best examples of original cars and digitally scan them, in order to capture the precise shape and proportions of every part of the car. Amalgam then works closely with the manufacturer’s design and engineering teams to perfect the rendition of the interior and exterior finishes. Only once the teams are happy, can a model be made available. If you are interested in a model that is ‘In Development’, you can reserve your model by registering your interest using the button on the relevant model page. A member of Amalgam’s sales team will respond to you in due course.

Pre-Order Models

Models in the ‘Pre-Order’ category are close to completion in our workshops. Amalgam’s talented master model makers are applying the finishing touches and ensuring that the quality of these models is second to none. Once the models are finished, they must endure a rigorous pre-quality control process, as the model makers ensure the details match those on the prototype model, which itself will have already undergone detailed scrutiny by the manufacturers’ design and engineering teams. If you are interested in a model that is ‘Pre-Order’, you can reserve your model by placing a 25% deposit. Just add the relevant model to your basket and the Pre-Order discount will be applied automatically.

New Releases 

New releases are the latest Amalgam creations. To reach this point, the first prototype will have endured the demanding and comprehensive scrutiny from the manufacturers’ design and engineering teams, as well as the examination from our own master model makers. Once the manufacturer is satisfied, the model is allowed on general sale. Amalgam’s model makers have dedicated their energy and passion to achieving a level of accuracy, precision and excellence that raises the finished replica far above anything previously created. Browse the most recent Amalgam models below.